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Polaris® ATV Buyer's Guide

When you’re looking for a powersports brand you can trust, Polaris® is the best choice. The history of this company runs deep as they’ve spent several decades perfecting their craft and expanding their reach into multiple markets. Polaris® ATVs happen to be some of the most versatile and capable in their class. Here at LaCanne’s Marine, we understand the importance of selecting a vehicle that’s going to serve you well. We’ve gathered some helpful tips on choosing a Polaris® ATV below! When you’re ready to check out some options, visit our dealership in Faribault, MN. We proudly serve all of southern Minnesota.

Types of ATVs

The very first thing you’ll want to determine is what type of ATV you should purchase. Therefore, you need to consider how you intend to use your quad. After all, each machine offers a different set of features that are geared toward a specific use and riding style. One way to ensure you get the full potential from your four wheeler is to buy the one that’s going to suit you best.

One of the most popular choices out there is the utility model, which boasts a tough, boxy appearance. These machines tend to offer a long list of heavy-duty features, like cargo racks, tow hitches, and two-up seats. If you plan to use your quad for tackling challenging tasks at your job site, this is the perfect ATV for you. The rock-solid construction also makes them ideal for enjoying hours of fun exploring the trails. This is a great luxury for users who want to experience the best of both worlds with their four wheeler.

Polaris® Utility ATVs

A utility ATV can do anything you can throw at it, making it a good ATV for work or play. The Polaris Sportsman® series boast a tow hitch, front and rear racks and the industry best suspension travel making it one of the most capable utility ATVs on the market. If you want to share your off-road adventure, the Sportsman® X2 and Touring models are just as capable with the added ability to carry a passenger.

Polaris Ace®

Although not a traditional ATV, the Polaris ACE® can serve as a great utility ATV! The Polaris ACE® 500 series are equipped with front and rear rack storage as well as a tow hitch to get your chores done before you go out and play! If you're looking for something more sporty, the Polaris Ace® 900 series offers a larger engine and sport tuned suspension while having front and rear rack storage!

Another common option is the sport model, which comes with an improved suspension system for superior performance as you conquer the trails. Don’t forget that this type of ATV is primarily used for entertainment purposes. If you’re wanting to chase non-stop adrenaline rushes with your quad, then this could be the ideal choice for you. Picture yourself hitting top speeds with maximum agility as you overcome those bumps and winding turns. In a similar category there is the mud model, optimized to blast through thick mud.

Polaris® Sport ATVs

The Polaris Scrambler® is a sport ATV made to dominate the trails at speed with fast throttle response and supple race suspension. With enough storage to hold gear for a day trip, this sport ATV is for those looking for the ultimate trail machine rather than a daily workhorse.

Polaris® Mud ATVs

With the power of a sport ATV, the Polaris Sportsman XP® High Lifter Edition is the ultimate mud ATV. The Sportsman XP® High Lifter Editions are equipped with larger specialty mud tires and higher clearance compared to a sport ATV. Mud ATVs are for those who need to go in extremely difficult terrain where other ATVs may get stuck in the muck.

Youth ATV Models

Trail riders as young as six years old can start sharing the love of riding ATVs with their family on Polaris® youth models! Youth models often feature an adjustable speed limiter to allow the machine to grow with a young rider’s skill level and a safety tether attached to a kill switch to ensure the rider doesn’t get too far away from the supervising adult. Youth models come in different sizes to accommodate different age groups.

ATV Features

Most riders do quite well with a standard model that offers the basics as far as power and performance go. If you’re a more experienced rider and crave more power, there are specific models you can choose that offer specialized features. For instance, you can go with a four wheeler that’s equipped with larger seating accommodations and a suspension system that can handle the additional weight without compromising performance. If it’s comfort that you seek, look for a quad with fenders that’ll keep water and mud off you. We’ve only just begun to scratch the surface on all of the incredible features you can choose from. Be sure to stop by LaCanne’s Marine in Fairbault, MN for our staff to find the Polaris® ATV with the perfect features for you!

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